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Crushing Emotional Load of Suffering Anywhere in the World

In the The Dubrovnik Interviews: Marc Andreessen – Interviewed by a Retard, Andreessen answers:

the Internet has given all of humanity full read/write access to one another’s minds for the first time, and this is a massive shift in individual and collective psychology that we are just starting to grapple with. For example, we are now exposed to the crushing emotional load of suffering anywhere in the world, with no gatekeeping intermediary to insulate us, and not just occasionally but all the time. Figuring out the effects of this civilizational shift – certainly on par with the Gutenberg revolution, if not way beyond — will take a long time.

Andreessen has casually revealed perhaps the most profound change to humankind of our age. Sure bad things happened before but never so visibly.

While the Israelis carefully murder a million Palestinians, they traumatise the rest of the world who stand by and watch. Those who look away are effectively volunteering to abandon their humanity. Those of who look on have our humanity ripped away from us one bomb and one blocked food truck at a time.

It’s no wonder the Israelis tried and still try to cut off all communication from Gaza, images, video, even poetry.

Other national disasters and economic crisis create pain, but an entire literate civilisation dedicating itself to imposing a complete holocaust on another is new. The Israelis bark back that you Americans did the same thing to the natives in North America. They are not wrong. Some very bad men got a hold of power and murdered everyone. The population of the United States bear responsibility. No one stopped them. As a comparison, in Imperial Russia, occasionally similar men would seek power and start similar programs. The Tsar regularly stopped these monsters in their tracks when these actions reached his desk. Unfortunately the Bolsheviks were less benevolent, wiping out their enemies in the style of US total war (the English, the Indians, their own South, the Filipinos).1

I’m far from sure it was civilisational. Within the United States, there were many, many opposed to the extinction of the Indians. Yet the same kind of dehumanisation of the victim took place to cover for these crimes. At the time, some historians argued that it was precisely the lack of history which created the perfect storm which were the United States genocides.

In the case of Palestine, the Israelis claim five thousand years of continuous civilisation going back all the way to Adam and Eve (never mind that Chinese civilisation has existed for ten thousand years, well before Adam and Eve were born according to the Old Testament). It’s not a lack of expertise in ethical questions, it’s not a matter of a lack of wisdom, it’s not civilisational youth in the Israeli case. What shocks is that collective Jewry should know better but continues to make very bad choices.

It’s a very bad look for humankind. If we still cannot settle our disagreements civily and live peacefully with others, this suggests that auto-annihilation is inevitable. What’s particularly shocking is that the population genetically closest to the original Hebrews in the modern world are the same Palestinians that the latter day Israelis annihilate. The Israelis are killing these people in the name of the ancestors of their own victims.

1. Are there better people? I prefer to what I’ve experienced and seen first hand. The Slovaks historically have preferred to keep to themselves. I haven’t heard about Slovak people seeking to wipe out another nation. Instead, the Slovaks offered succour to the Hungarians during the Pecheneg-Turk invasion of Europe in 895. Result: the fall of Greater Moravia. After that event, the Slovaks found themselves tenants in their own lands, answering to Hungarian overlords. Due to their ability to co-exist with other peoples, as a people the Slovaks were not put to the sword and were able to reclaim their language and their lands later. The Slovak experience offers some hope that humans can learn to co-exist with a minimum of bloodshed and a fair amount of tolerance.

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