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absence | dance film preview

dear readers,

i have not vanished. i’ve been busy finishing the edit of the dance film i shot last year at the same time contending with more work in my other business. so i am on hiatus so to speak.

while the war criminals cling onto power in the United States, Britain and Israel, there is great hope to cast them from their perches later this year.

indeed there is already a faint chance that we may yet see some of them indicted for their murderous crimes against humanity.

i will rejoin you all in hastening this process later this summer.

in the meantime, i must tell and tell well my tale of urbanisation, alienation and civilisation.

A girl raised by rabbits. When she reaches the age of eighteen, the rabbits gather and tell her she must go to rejoin her people. And Anna-Lapin sets out bravely for the city. In the distance she can see the great white tower in its center and heads there in the hope of finding new companionship among humankind.

Anna Hein as Anna-Lapin in Lapinthrope

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