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Are all art vandals criminals? Balfour’s destruction

A young lady in England attacked Balfour’s portrait, hanging in Trinity College, Cambridge. She did a heck of a job.

Like many of you I abhor the destruction of art work to make a political point. The removal of historical monuments and statues, I also oppose.

But in this case, the targeting is exact. It is Balfour.1

In the comments, TarquiniusSuperbus notes:

Good for this protester, and very courageous! And what is so wrong about being anti-Israel anyway ? Israeli Zionist Jews are anti-Christian, anti-Druze, anti-Muslim, anti-Arab, anti-Palestinian, and anti anyone else who is not a Jew. Let’s face it, Zionist Jews are the most hateful people on earth.

That’s awfully blunt but not far off the mark. Charles Manson was close competition but he’s no longer with us.

  1. There’s no lord prefacing Balfour’s name above. It’s deliberate. I suggest we stop recognising British titles, 1. most of us live in republics 2. our ancestors gave their blood to eliminate the pox of hereditary nobility 3. British titles are mostly given to war criminals i.e. Blair or economic criminals i.e. Philip Green]. who is indirectly responsible for the destruction of Palestine and the misery visited on the Palestinians for almost a century. 

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