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Did Israel or Hezbollah win the war in Lebanon?

There’s been a lot of argument about whether Israel or Hezbollah won the war in Lebanon.

Here is a comment from Haaretz which pretty much sums up recent events in the Lebanon war. The comment matches Israel’s stated goals against the actual outcome. It looks like a draw, at a very high cost to both sides.

Israeli Goals

  1. Get release of IDF soldiers without a prisioner exchange. Failure
  2. Disarm Hezbollah. Failure
  3. Avoid civilian casualties. Almost 1,000 women and children dead. Failure
  4. Destroy rockets. 250 landed yesterday alone. Failure
  5. Win international support. Outside the USA Israel is hated more than ever before. Failure
  6. Moderate Arab behavior. More arabs hate israel more than ever now including moderate states like egypt, jordan, and saudi arabia. Failure


  1. Hezzbolah is more popular than ever
  2. The war cost Israel hundreds of millions of dollars.
  3. The pro USA, anti Syrian/anti Hezzbolah PM is weakened.
  4. Hatred for israel is at an all time high even among suni and christians in Lebanon
  5. Many Israeli towns damaged badly
  6. 150 Israelis dead. Hundred injured.


Hezbolah did not win the war but Israel definitely didn`t either. There should have been a prisioner swap from the beginning.

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