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Is Christina Ellingsen a Cowboy?

Apparently a Norwegian feminist Christina Ellingsen is facing jailtime for complaining about a trans man (now identifying as a woman) heading a lesbian rights organisation.

Photo of Norwegian Feminist advocate Christina Ellingsen
Norwegian feminist and women’s advocate Christina Ellingsen, of Women’s Declaration International

Under an article about the unfortunate Ellingsen’s plight, forensicator shared a very amusing story:

The old man walks into a bar and sits down and orders a beer.

The bartender serves his beer then asks him,

“So what do you do?”

The old man answers, “Well sir I’m a cowboy.”

“Wow”, said the bartender,

“What exactly does a cowboy do?”

“Well sir I work on a ranch all day, I ride horses, and heard cattle, I take care of the land and all the animals on the ranch.”

“That’s very interesting said the bartender.”

Some time went by and a beautiful woman walks into the bar, sits down next to the cowboy and orders a drink.

“So”, said the bartender “What do you do?”

With the old man listening in the woman says,

“Well sir I’m a lesbian”

“Interesting” said the bartender

“What exactly is a lesbian?

“Well I wake up in the morning thinking about women. I eat breakfast thinking about women. I go through my day thinking about women. I go to bed thinking about women. I’m constantly thinking about women.”

“Interesting” says the bartender.

Some time passes and the old man leaves that bar and goes to another bar.

He sits down and orders a beer, and the bartender there says to him,

“So sir what do you do?”

The old man looks at him and says,

“Well, this morning I was a cowboy, but to tell you the truth now I think I’m a lesbian!”

I’m not great fan of jokes or light humour. In context, this one made me laugh.

Image. Cowgirl on the range. Unknown photographer.


  1. marco marco

    they will eat their own, eventually…hey, i don’t mean them lesbians-obviously they bin at that for a while. No, i mean them psychotic Marxists…to hell with em

  2. To hell with them, has a nice ring to it and the idea that their revolution is self-devouring is balm to the spirit. But it’s not enough. First the woke are coming for the non-woke. And only when they are finished with us, will they self-devour.

    As Dostoevsky chronicled in The Devils (1873) and history eventually bore out, if revolutionaries are not stopped, they will burn down an entire states, even one as imposing and wealthy as the Kingdom of France, Imperial Britain or Tsarist Russia. If we fail to defend our society inevitably we will end in the same ruin.

    But certainly don’t let worrying about the Woke ruin your life or destroy your personal happiness. Just don’t forget, the Woke will be planning your personal downfall and the obliteration of your entire social class while we enjoy ourselves though.

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