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Family Friendly Nudist Events: Reality vs Middle America

Family Friendly Nudist Events: Nudism Reality vs Middle America

Americans are very worked up about a family friendly nudist swimming event in the Canadian city of Calgary.

An American, Frank (who for some reason feels the need to keep his comments private) equated the event to a “kiddie porn palace”.

” the Calgary Nude Recreation group released a statement saying: “There are no nude beaches anywhere near Calgary”. WOW! THAT took some real rocket science to figure out. I doubt there are many kiddie porn palaces in Calgary either. So, is the solution to create one, open to the public? I doubt there are many kiddie porn palaces in Calgary either. So, is the solution unto create one, open to the pubic?

It’s a private event held by committed nudists. Nudists approach is to de-sexualise the human body via familiarity. It works. Nudist beaches run pretty well throughout most of Northern Europe and as pointed out in Vancouver. Most are family friendly.

Wreck Beach Vancouver, a three decade old family friendly nudist beach
Wreck Beach Vancouver

Uncomfortable with nudism?

The only people who would have real reason to be uncomfortable in a nudist environment are pubescent girls (they are very uncomfortable with their bodies at that age due to change, with or without clothes it’s just part of nature) or stunningly beautiful women. A really beautiful woman will often attract excessive attention in a traditional nudist environment. All that attention is less of a problem with the clothes on (a beautiful woman either gets used to it or has to sit at home) but can be a bit disturbing without any clothes. Even with the clothes on, many beautiful women deliberately underdress, wear almost no makeup and hide their long hair to try to get away from the attention. Radiant pulchritude is not just a nudism issue.

Can you believe this is Anne Hathaway? I can't
Can you believe this is Anne Hathaway? I can’t

Everyone else gets along just fine (i.e. about 85% of adults, teenagers and children) with no clothes on, as if normal. Adolescent girls are probably better to avoid nudist events and stunning beauties generally have better things to do. Nude or thong swimming off of expensive yachts or on Costa Brava, the Côte d’Azur, the Italian Riviera, Croatia, Greece or the Caribbean. Auditions or acting classes. Theatre rehearsals. Modelling gigs. University libraries and parties.

Young Brigitte Bardot on the Riviera
Young Brigitte Bardot on the Riviera

Young and Beautiful Nudists Don’t Really Exist

When you are young and beautiful there are a lot of places to be and family friendly nudist events are not high on the list. In time, our hypothetical young beauty will be able to enjoy these events again (as a mature woman/mother).

A real pervert couldn’t go to a naturist event anyway as he’d be showing wood all the time and have trouble controlling him/herself. A nudist event is the last place most perverts would want to show up.

As Michael Petch of 2/35Infantry correctly notes the cancelled swimming event is far from the most significant nudist manifestation in Canada:

Canada has the longest public all age family friendly nudist beach in North America coming in at around 45 miles in length. That is Wreck Beach in BC. Thousands of people in the buff with their children are all along the beach.

We seem to be able to handle it just fine. If there’s a weirdo around, he’s warned off. If a group of weirdos turn up, they’ll be sent packing by a larger group of nudist males. If that’s not enough, nudists in Canada are free to call the cops. Unlike in the US, the Canadian cops in large cities are not going to come in guns blazing, randomly shooting nudists and weirdos. Enough cops will turn up to make the weirdos move on and warn them off for the future.

This is the great thing about the rule of law, the absence of legal handguns (turning up with a firearm on either side would be a crime) and a working police force. In Canada we struggle to keep our police honest and sober, as the example south of the border is so totally out of control. By and large we succeed, though sometimes we fail.

Some of these misinformed Americans made the argument that people are born to wear clothing. A kind of immaculate clothed conception.

There is a reason people wear clothing. It’s to protect against the elements. It’s to protect against predators. These stupid people must live in a bizarre make believe world where everyone is innocent and pure. It boggles my mind. It’s like every day I read something where it further challenges the question, how stupid can people be?

Anti-Nudism Often Has A Religious Angle: Nordic Nudism

When challenged by Michael Petch that opposition to nudity is more a religious issue than a health one, Crash suggested that in northern Europe (apparently some kind of gold standard for appropriate human behaviour) people must go clothed.

LOL. Yea okay. You’re telling me that people from Nordic countries used to wander around in the cold without clothing?

Strangely enough the Nordic countries (along with Germany and Austria) are probably the centre of family friendly nudity. Moreover this part of the world has warm summers with very long days (white nights).

Akseli Gallen-Kallela, In the Sauna, 1889, Oil on canvas, 120 x 81 cm, Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki
Akseli Gallen-Kallela, In the Sauna, 1889, Oil on canvas, 120 x 81 cm, Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki
Akseli Gallen-Kallela, In the Sauna, 1889, Oil on canvas, 120 x 81 cm, Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki

In particular Finland has a huge tradition of nudism, including family friendly naturism. You can see it even in their art work in the national gallery in Helsinki. Not sure about Sweden (pre-Muslim invasion, i.e. Ingmar Bergman heyday – fifties to eighties) but think the culture is similar there. Keep in mind Finns are a separate language group and culture from the rest of the Scandinavians so what’s true of one is not true of another.

Based on their reaction to nudity, it appears unsafe to let Americans out of the United States.


  1. Artie whitefox Artie whitefox

    The religious angle people, are lying. Jamie’s 1: 26 – 27 are not many belief systems. Peter was naked, jumping into the water from the boat. Jesus said nothing to Peter about that.

  2. Artie Whitefox Artie Whitefox

    Naked is 100% good. God knows it. Adam and Eve were naked in the beginning. People will be good to others when God’s mind comes into their mind. People will be free to be themselves. Laws that make them to be afraid will no longer exist. Furries will be free to write whatever book they want to write, be it erotic or not. people will not call people degrading names. People will listen for Christs voice, rather than get up in arms about a sexuality name. People will love as one regardless of skin tone. People will obey God’s counsels saying give unto God’s image, what is God’s. Money will vanish.

  3. Artie, you’re a bit optimistic, when you say money will vanish. Money is power in our world and power has always existed and always will. Definitely agree that nudity and the human form should be more widely accepted. Some limitations on sexuality are part of culture. The farthest I’d go is that each culture should be free to set its own limitations – citizens would still have to accept those limitations. The alternative is to leave to exile.

  4. David David

    I do agree that people should be allowed to live in the standards they set for themselves. But I also think there’s a responsibility that comes with that kind of freedom. The truth is a human beings brain is not fully developed physically till around the ages of 12 to 14. Depending on gender females mature faster mentally. But then there’s the process of your brains permanent chemical flow setting into place which is shaped by surroundings and perceptions. The chemical flow in the brain isn’t set into place till between the ages of 17 and 19 again depending on gender. Criminal profilers will not even profile anyone under the age of 18 because if they come back as a sociopath when they’re underage they may come back perfectly normal once they’re of age. Which means that children are learning from everything that they see in here including the people that say bad things against public nudity as well as people that say good things. And when you hear good and bad between those two things it gets jumbled together kind of like it’s good to be bad meaning of opposites and all I suppose. But in truth children exposed to public nudity and even public sexual acts will be permanently altered based on their perceptions once they reach adulthood and we don’t know how that’s going to affect the outcome of the future. Considering we’re teetering on the brink of world war III as it is I believe there should be less talk about freedom and personal rights and more about consequence of actions based on the big picture. I mean come on Netflix has already got 13-year-old girls showing their boobs and talking about sucking dicks so it’s not going to work out well.

  5. David, your observation that what one sees as children affects how one perceives the world as an adult is clearly true, if somewhat obvious.

    On the other hand, to suggest that public nudity in itself is harmful to children is simplistic if not out and out false. French families and French culture has been very casual about nudity for a long time. French society withstood the effects fairly well, with relationships between men and women much warmer and more pleasant than in North America (of course there’s a great deal of crossover in the middle, but the average relationship quality was higher).

    Allowing neutral nudity is a far cry from encouraging Miley Cyrus in her twerking phase to be held up as a model of pulchritude, not to even mention Cardi B and her WAP video. It’s not that I’d like to see such art made illegal, but it makes no sense to run a commercial society predicated on that kind of art. The same applies to the Netflix series. Someone should have had the good sense not to push Cuties into the mainstream.

    You’ll never stop companies like Troma or Penthouse from existing (and we probably shouldn’t try) but there’s no reason that we should put them at the centre of our culture. Curiously when Troma tried to go free on YouTube, they were shut down for not meeting community standards. This raises another important question about freedom of dress and thought. How much censorship should be tolerated on YouTube? Or should there just be age limitations?

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