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Year: 2007

oDesk review

Just discovered a great new service, oDesk. It’s pretty technical/business so I’ve posted it to the foliovision website.


BBC 2’s “The Conspiracy Files: 9/11” – A Time Capsule

Im sure this program will be an attempt by the BBC to confuse and muddy the waters like all good counter intelligence intends and to label those that question the offical conspiracy theory(which it is) as paranoid conspiracy nutters who dare to break loose from the herd and question our media guided reality?… To believe in the “Conspiracy Theory” all you have to believe is that George Bush and a few Cronies with the help of a former CIA asset who just happens to belong to a family that was VERY close to the President, and perhaps less than 1,000 millitary or intellegence people executed an enhanced version of Operation Northwoods (

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Great description of Trance

I am a trancehead, I like it, and I believe the German scene has come close to getting it perfect, would love more than anything to go there…. I even had a discussion with my father, and got him to understand that it’s more than just **thump*thump** He sees it as a natural regression to when we were all in our mothers womb, listening to the heartbeat.

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Austrian GoaTrance Photos: Cosmic Party WUK 27-1-2007

Great party on an icy Saturday night in Vienna.

Goatrance-Girl-Austria Mg 1546
Great dancing from this group of friends
this is what I love about goa
the music, the light and the joy
flowing through one’s whole body.
Perfect moment.

Beautiful people. Nice atmosphere. Full, but not too crowded. Nothing worse than a goatrance party where there is no space to dance.

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Dance on Screen Suspended or Cancelled?

Important Notice from the Dance Section – January 2007 Dance on Screen Production Fund (Pilot Program) – Next deadline February 15, 2007 is SUSPENDED Please note the upcoming February 15, 2007 deadline for the Dance on Screen Production Fund (Pilot Program) has been suspended. Please check our website for updates regarding the Dance on Screen Program (however, you will receive updates via email in the future).


Turn Flash Off in OS X: NoScript for Firefox and SafariBlock for Safari

One of the banes of the modern web are Flash advertisements. They are popping up all over the place, from the New York Times to our beloved I have nothing against advertising but I don’t like anything which makes it impossible to read or difficult to work on one’s computer.

I’ve been searching for a way to easily turn flash off yet keep my computer stable. With the amount of Flash video turning up on the web, I am not as tempted as I used to be to just rip the Flash code right out of my plugin folder.

In any case, for work reasons, I have to keep Flash around just to see what other people are doing with their sites.

Until two weeks ago, I still hadn’t found anything lightweight to kill Flash in either Safari or Firefox, my two primary browsers. But good things come in twos. There are two great plugins to kill Flash, one for Firefox and one for Safari.

Amazingly enough, neither have destabilised my browser.

Minus the flashing lights and used car salesman in the side bars, I might even start liking the web again.