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Dance on Screen Suspended or Cancelled?

Bad news from the Canada Council today.

Important Notice from the Dance Section – January 2007

Dance on Screen Production Fund (Pilot Program) – Next deadline February 15, 2007 is SUSPENDED
Please note the upcoming February 15, 2007 deadline for the Dance on Screen Production Fund (Pilot Program) has been suspended. Please check our website for updates regarding the Dance on Screen Program (however, you will receive updates via email in the future).

Strangely, the Canada Council don’t seem to put this dark bit of news on their own website anywhere.

This is the second suspension for the wonderful program which helped Kathleen and I create Lapinthrope.

I’d rather be making dance films [not a bad idea for a t-shirt]. Perhaps it’s a good thing that I’m not.

Very sad about this.


  1. what do you need for a dance on screen
    maybe a live video internet broadcasting ?
    that will make some dancing in, on and of the screen
    like the idea ?
    i do
    aswell does PsyDj.TV
    which is all about dancing in, on and off screen &

    love & Light

    a flight case

  2. Hello Lisa,

    Very cool channel with party films and music. For some reason goa turns out better on video than as stills. The low light is less of an issue as one is not trying to stop motion.

    The problem with making dance for camera is that to get great results you need to spend a few weeks rehearsing. It’s better to work with professional dancers although there are lots of great goa dancers who move beautifully. I’ve tried to work with some of them but unlike professional dancers, most can’t dance on command. Many are also uncomfortable dancing in relatively light surroundings(for beautiful images in photography or filming one prefers a lot more light than is available in club environments).

    You’ll understand better what I am talking about if you check out what we are doing over with lapinthrope. Those versions are before sound effects and in rough cut.

    But you are right. I could lighten up and film some of the great goa dancers I know. Still need to bring more light into the shoot.

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