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Great description of Trance

Just found this description of trance on the internet.

I quite agree about the German/Austrian scene. And I am here.

I am a trancehead, I like it, and I believe the German scene has come close to getting it perfect, would love more than anything to go there. I also do like mainstream house, DnB, Goa, Acid Jazz, and most every type of techno. I even had a discussion with my father, and got him to understand that it’s more than just **thump*thump** He sees it as a natural regression to when we were all in our mothers womb, listening to the heartbeat. It’s all soothing, calming, exciting, and thrilling all at the same time.

I like most of what’s on that list.

I was actually trying to find out something about the intellectual level of people who listen to drum & bass.

The DnB crowd seems quite deliberately anti-intellectual. I would even say that they are not classless or anarchistic but deliberately proletarian, in a pro-active sense.

Somehow reminds me of Mayakovsky’s poetry at the beginning of the Soviet Union.

Alas there always seems to be a surfeit of guys at a DnB event. Strange proportions.

Unhappy sort of aggressive young men. The dancing can be very good though.

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