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Dance Photos: Willi Dorner “bodies in urban spaces”

A late Saturday night wandering through Vienna with the Willi Dorner company (13 October 2007).

bodies in urban space
blending into the vienna landscape

bodies in urban space is a wonderful sculptural event. It’s really not dance, although only dancers or acrobats could perform it convincingly. All of the statues are comprised of live dancers.

There must have been about twenty sculptures in what ended up being an over an hour long walk through much of Vienna’s 16th district.

In their hoodies, the dancers were almost anonymous. You had no idea who was performing without looking at the program. Curiously, despite the anonymity Willi Dorner used many of Vienna’s best dancers for this project.

Willi dorner bodies in urban spaces 7234

Concept:  Willi Dorner

Dancers: Satu Herrala, Ivana Kalc, Magdalena Chowaniec, Carolina Decker, Doris Jauschowetz, Ingrid Korpitsch, Milena Rodriguez, Clarice Martins, Magdalena Hinterreiter, Anna Reitbauer, Susanne Fitz, Christian Apschner, Christian Ruepp, Ilona Roth, Emmanuelle Vinh, Andrea Stotter, Martina Ruhsam, Sabille Rasiti, Vera Ondrasikova, Martha Sanchia, Veronika Zott

Start: 16, Yppenplatz / Brunnenmarkt am Café AnDo


  1. Jady (from Brazil) Jady (from Brazil)


    My name is Jady, and I studied ballet with Anna at the Vienna Opera in 1997.

    I just found Anna Hein, and I almost can’t believe that I found Palastanga at your page.

    Please, if you can, tell her that I miss her and ask her to e-mail me.

    thank you very much

  2. Suzy Jordan Suzy Jordan

    hello Willi…

    good to see some of your recent works online.. how are you?
    I’m living in Sydney now.. do you ever work over here?..

    perhaps you could get in touch if you do!?..


    From Winchester (UK)

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