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Dance and the Worldly World

Where are my dance projects?

I make three times as much money but previously – in my opinion – I contributed far more to the world. Truth, beauty, justice, compassion.

How upside down society’s values. Like my lead charachter in Lapinthrope, I am broken, the joyful madness and the natural spontaneity gone from my eyes. I sit at a desk and move the wheels of commerce. What is the alternative?

To end up face down in a city part somewhere in France or Canada, my spine broken by a police boot but my soul intact, the light extinguishing altogether.

Some would argue that there are successful directors who live from their art. To be honsest, for most well off directors make their money and spend their energy on television commercials, banal television or empty commercial film.

Most of the best filmmakers I’ve met live very poorly.

My pledge is to reinvest myself in society and art when the occasion returns.

In the meantime, dance reviews and the occasional dance photo shoot will have to stand for me.

I’m delighted to announce four dance articles (three reviews and a theory article) over the weekend.

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