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Famous doctored photo of Beirut skyline before and after
famous doctored photo of Beirut skyline before and after

The American news media is so self-important and fatuous. The Boston Herald‘s Jules Crittenden is very concerned that a few retouched photos might destroy our belief that something bad is happening in Beirut and Lebanon.

And what is tragic about this is, as a Boston Herald photo editor noted, editors everywhere can no longer trust the pictures from Lebanon. The public cannot know what is staged and what is real. They cannot know the true scope of the devastation that Hezbollah’s aggression against Israel and its cynical tactics have brought on the Lebanese people. The con artists have shafted themselves and their own people with their cheap tricks.

Nobody is dying in Beirut, Jules. Buildings aren’t falling. Neighbourhoods are not being destroyed. The problem is with the photographers. If we could only get the photographers to behave, people in Lebanon would stop dying.

The cynic here is the American reporter who would write that a few retouched photos negate the destruction of whole city blocks.

Israeli paper Haaretz ran an article on the retouched photos as well.

Some of their readers point out the obvious. Response one:

There is no major difference..except the smoke looks somewhat darker in photo No. 2. Whatever, it still caused the same damage. It is ridiculous.

Response two:

There`s a bottom line. There is a ton of destruction being seen on both sides. A doctored photo doesn`t change that fact.

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