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Sore Losers

At this point (I don’t write this war off yet), the Israelis are big losers in Lebanon.

Hezbollah is still armed, the Israelis are on their way out of Lebanon and the entire IDF and political leadership of Israel comes off as bullies, murderers and war criminals.

The words above are harsh, but nothing compared to the rage of the belligerents’ own supporters, who would also like to try the Israeli government as criminals – for their failure to spill enough blood!

Here are some of the comments from just one story:

6. The West DOES see
mike – USA
08/15/2006 22:45

The West, like the rest of the goy world, wants to destroy Israel and exterminate the Jewish people. Unfortunately, so does Israel’s current government. I can understand the motivations of the West — the goyim have always been out to exterminate us and always will be. However, the motivations of the Olmert government are less obvious. Perhaps the Olmerites’ goal is to steal lots of money from the public treasury and run under the cover of Israel’s chaotic destruction. Perhaps the Olmerites are being paid and/or blackmailed by some foreign intelligence service. Either way, Israel is lead today by a treasonous government.

3. A war Israel should and could have won
Kenneth S. Besig – Israel
08/15/2006 21:43

The war just ended in Lebanon with a Hizbulla victory should never have turned out that way. Israel had the means, the will, and the force to win, but because of our inexperienced and fearful political and military leaders, that is Olmert, Peretz, Livni, and Halultz, we not only gave Hizbulla a victory over us, we gave them a victory over Lebanon. I once thought that an Israeli government inquiry into the political and military misconduct of the war would be enough. Now I am inclined to think that a criminal trial of our leadership might be in order.

With supporters like that, the Israeli Prime Minister would do better to clean house at home, than waging war abroad.

Olmert and the Olim

Instead Prime Minister Olmert was celebrating a Volksdeutsche moment at the airport, welcoming those olim who chose to immigrate from the U.S., Canada and the U.K. during his recent quest for Lebensraum, a.k.a. the 2006 Lebanon campaign.

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