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Israel Supporters

The Jerusalem Post is a paper of record in Israel. I believe it’s owned by that magnate of the new world order and proponent of 21st century colonialism Conrad Black.

Here are the kinds of things their readers write today:

123. Finish the Job
Major - USA
08/10/2006 05:13

I am glad you are ignoring the weak sisters of Europe and the UN….. Those EU governments have become so unbelievably corrupt, it makes me sick to my stomach… Unfortunately, you started out fighting this too methodically….all the key targets should have been massively destroyed the first week…all the key assassinations the first day….Nasrullah should have been taken out the first hour of the war… A lengthy war gives the terrorist appeasers time to martial their propaganda machine … You had Iran and Syria cowering the first week…but since you didnt apply overwhelming force, they have become emboldened… You still need to finish them off…or you will have wasted your war.

132. We are with you - 100%
Kev - USA
08/10/2006 05:47

G-d bless all of you! We support you! And, if I was the US president, you’d be getting a lot more help from us in fighting the pigs to your north. Maybe next we should both get together and force the pigs in the West Bank and Gaza into Syria and Jordan where they belong! Shalom

133. Equip IDF soldiers with RPGs & use more artillery barrage
Raul Macroyol - Philippines
08/10/2006 05:50

IDF shld evaluate strategy before entering S.Lebanon. The usage of Tanks are no longer feasible bcause Hezb has an arsenal of anti tank missles. Thus, IDF should equip footsoldiers with cost-effective russian made RPGs for effective blasting of Hezb bunkers and blast towns with artillery and air barrage before entering. Civilian casualties don’t count no more bcause Hezb is discriminately hitting Israeli civilians in the North with Katyusa rockets.

135. Dresdenize Lebanon
Terry Scott - Australia
08/10/2006 04:31

Israel needs a kill rate of 1000 enemy to one Israeli killed or wounded. Give them ‘total war’ once and for all! Remember the World is waiting for Israel to take out Iran’s Nuclear site for them. Won’t say thank you when you do, of course.

139. 40,000 TROOPS
STEPHEN - USA (and damn proud of it!)
08/10/2006 06:06

I pray God be with you as you seek to destroy those who would destroy you. The vermin Hizbollah and their pimps in Syria and Iran need to be dispatched from the earth to prevent the further spread of their wretched filth and evil. The pits of hell await them. If it’s the afterlife they seek then let’s accomodate them and expedite the process.

141. Get rid of the Scum
J Baker - USA
08/10/2006 06:16

Hizzbullah and the other and the other 7th Century Barbarions need to be eliminated from this planet. All they do is Start a bunch of problems. They are Sick Freaks. Irael and USA “KICK THERE ASS”.

145. Litani
Jacob - USA
08/10/2006 05:52

Its not about the old testa or the new testa…its about the fresh water that we so desperately need. This was declared as a necessity by our founders and no mater how many reservist imports die, we must win becasue it is imperative to our nation

146. Stop at Nothing less Than Victory Israel
Mike Brown - USA
08/10/2006 06:49

I was saddened to see my President’s comment he doesn’t want an escalation on either side. He should be saying we support Israel 100%. My family supports you Israel because we know what God has promised you. What is wrong with my government? It looks to me like we are losing interest in the battle before us because of world opinion. Thats what got us radical Islam to start with. Victory Israel, nothing less! Koffi Annan get out of my country!

147. Firat Carpet Bomb The Terrorist Areas
08/10/2006 05:55

Carpet bomb the areas with Hezbollah bums first, then have the IDF go in massively to wipe out the rest of them. Hezbollah seems to be using the camouflage tactics of the Japanese in the Battle of Okinawa. The U.S. soldiers didn’t hesitate to make use of flame throwers. The IDF shouldn’t hesitate either.

148. Kofi Annan
Jim - US
08/10/2006 06:08

The UN is worthless. It is openly anti-semetic and seeks only to appease terrorists. Even worse is the Western liberal media bias towards Israel. The BBC, CNN, AP and Reuters have all knowingly produced false information to hurt Israel. Israel has one chance to win this and I pray that they will see it through to the end. The people of the US support Israel 100%.

155. Napalm and carpet bombing
Norman - USA
08/10/2006 06:55

Why are these towns still standing? There is no reason to lose a single soldier. They are filled with terrorists who want to go to Allah. Please send them there with fire?

157. If I were PM
Stuart - USA
08/10/2006 06:58

I guess it’s a good thing that I am not PM of Israel, because So. Leb, Syria and Iran would be uninhabitable by now. There comes a point where a strong leader just has to say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”. Stop vascillating Ehud, and get pissed off.

Does this need any comment? I couldn’t believe it when I read it. I’m inured to this sort of thing on Little Green Footballs, but this ladies and gentlemen, is a mainstream Jewish paper.

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