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Israel Supporters

The Jerusalem Post is a paper of record in Israel. I believe it’s owned by that magnate of the new world order and proponent of 21st century colonialism Conrad Black.

Here are the kinds of things their readers write today:

123. Finish the Job
Major - USA
08/10/2006 05:13
I am glad you are ignoring the weak sisters of Europe and the UN….. Those EU governments have become so unbelievably corrupt, it makes me sick to my stomach… Unfortunately, you started out fighting this too methodically….all the key targets should have been massively destroyed the first week…all the key assassinations the first day….Nasrullah should have been taken out the first hour of the war… A lengthy war gives the terrorist appeasers time to martial their propaganda machine … You had Iran and Syria cowering the first week…but since you didnt apply overwhelming force, they have become emboldened… You still need to finish them off…or you will have wasted your war.

Does this need any comment? I couldn’t believe it when I read it. I’m inured to this sort of thing on Little Green Footballs, but this ladies and gentlemen, is a mainstream Jewish paper.

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