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World’s largest how-to manual

Just when you thought the web was a commercial mess, full of cloned ad-sense sites and flash-laden password protected media sites, along comes something really useful.

The world’s largest how-to manual is being written online.

People write in their how-to tips and then others follow to rate the tips.

What was my issue? I bought a refurbished IBM T22 Thinkpad for my web business – it is in good shape but came with a bunch of adhesive stickers on the top of the lid. I was sick of looking at the stickers and decided to pull them off. Nasty adhesive underneath.

Wouldn’t come off. Did a search on google for removing glue from tape. Found ehow in two offerings – how to remove bumper stickers and how to remove adhesive bandages. The bumper sticker article kept suggesting stuff I didn’t have (weird solvent removers) or didn’t want to use on my laptop (nail polish remover). On the other hand the adhesive bandage article offered baby oil (alternative olive oil). Olive oil I did have.

Worked perfectly. Afterwards a light soap and water wash and the Thinkpad looks like new.

Their article on removing calcium buildup from kettles looks good as well.

I will definitely be using this tips database in the future.

The genius is in the ratings system – bad suggestions get marked down and good ones up.

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