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Exit Polls Contradict “Official Results”: Another Steal for Bush?

Houston we have a problem.

The exit polls contradict the results in many States.

In how many and by how much the results are out of line will have to wait until the numbers for the extensive exit poll conducted by a consortium of six news organisations, including all major US broadcasters.

Television networks proceed cautiously with rebuilt exit polling system:
Although no major problems in the new systems were reported, the early exit polls caused concern.

When the 2004 results are completely known, the networks will look at whether this year’s exit polls overestimated Democratic vote counts, said Bill Wheatley, NBC News vice president….Those early numbers looked so positive for Kerry that Fox News Channel analyst Jim Pinkerton, at 3:30 p.m. EST, said, “I think it looks good for angry Democrats.”

I believe that the mandate of the Bush team was to keep things close enough that they would be able to gerrymander the election without getting caught out.

At this point, they have not succeeded as John F. Kerry has not conceded the election and I don’t believe he will until there is a clean bill of health for all the counts.

All the Democrats need to contest this election is a clear demonstration in even one state of foul play with the electronic voting machines or of discarded or incinerated ballots or of partisan ballot counts or of extensive disqualification of eligible voters.


Kerry has conceded. The democrats have not bothered to dispute the electronic vote. I maintain my position that the election results were doctored where necessary – by a small margin two to three percent.

Paper votes are difficult enough to count reliably, without attempting to rely upon computers. I work with computers every day – and most others like me who do – would never trust them with the voting mechanism of the state.

With Republicans in control of two of the three arms of political power and in a position to bring the courts into line, I expect this will be the last election where there is much hope of a free vote. The electronic voting machines will be so thoroughly entrenched by 2008 that the Republicans will be literally unbeatable.

The consequences ahead for America and the world from this failed attempt to wrest power from the insane military regime in the United States could not be more grave.

We are poised now in June 1914 in Europe or February 1917 in Russia or February 1933 in Germany.

The world is already in flames. Many in the American electorate have chosen to throw on gasoline.

The final sliver was stolen. The Republic is has come to an end, Empire has begun.

It ended badly for the Romans, it ended badly for the British, it will end very badly for the Americans as well. In the meantime, the pain to the rest of the world will be immeasurable.


  1. Kim Estrada Kim Estrada

    It’s amazing how deluded some of you extreme left wing whackos have become. When are you going to realize that the American people are sick of your bull shit!! They have shown that to you since 1994 when Clinton and his bitchy wife lost the congress which had been theirs for 40 years. You’re really very disturbed and should seek help. It’s eating you alive!!

  2. Liam Steele Liam Steele

    I remember in 2000 that they were accusing the GOPERS of stealing the votes in certain counties, (the only ones where the Dems insisted on a recount and which was rejected rightly by the USSC). What was funny about this ridiculous charge was that every county that was “stolen” was run by a Dem county clerk. Now comes this idiots contention that the voting machines have been set to take away 2% of the Dem votes in each precinct forgetting again that the counties in this country that were overwhelmingly behind Kerry were in Democratic counties run by Dems. Like the prvioous poster, I can’t believe these people are as dumb as they appear. They lost, they know why they lost which is that their issues and the stands they take on them are an anathema to most of America. Or….they just may be idiots and we are giving them too much credit as logical thinkers. I agree–get a life. Go out there and actuallyd donate the time you put into this kind of bullshit and maybe you will change the world. Until then, just shut up, you’re making a fool out of yourself.

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