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whiskey bar reopens | other fine political commentary

billmon is back. if you haven’t tried his site, you must. his website the whiskey bar is a regular digest of geopolitics mixed with literature.

the bar keep, billmon almost daily manages to astonish an intelligent and articulate readership with choice morsels from antiquity, philosophy and literature.

the bar’s popularity has made the comments section an enormous undertaking. which is a pity as a good deal of the commentary is on a par with billmon’s own writing.

for some reason, LFGers and other uncouth rabble from the right make very rare appearances here. i don’t know if it’s because billmon bans them, they don’t understand the commentary and can’t answer or they have tired of being rebuffed by a clientele who brook ill stupidity.

addictive and dangerous. as long as the whiskey bar stays open, free speech still exists and there is hope for a better world.

the carpetbagger’s report is a less refined dining experience but the copious portions of washington corruption are served with goodwill. no comments here – it’s more like a newspaper than a website. but if you are interested in american political news, this is the place to visit at least twice a week.

i’ve cited Baghdad Burning twice this week. her blog on events in iraq opens the curtain on what the western media would prefer you not see. not to be missed, although in wartime there are frequent interruptions.

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