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Category: Whimsical

Best pun/simile of the week: Nora Jonestown

Apparently all is not well in the world of Blue Note fans. The worst thing to happen to them were the Grammies that Norah Jones won. The triumph of Capitalism with a capital C. Her success caused controversy on the company forums. The forums were taken down, scattering and angering the fan base which had kept the company running for twenty years.

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Google assumes no responsibility for any pet: growling, barking, chasing, or biting

Aggressive behavior, such as growling, barking, chasing, or biting, is unacceptable….Employees are financially responsible for any damage or cleaning to Google facilities…. Owners must maintain adequate liability insurance against dog mishaps. Google assumes no responsibility for any pet. Following these guidelines mentioned above should allow dog owners to enjoy the company of their pets while allowing all Google employees to feel safe and secure in their work place.

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Au cœur de la Dordogne anglaise

” la good life symbolisée par ces fruits et légumes en abondance, ces produits du terroir, ce restaurant qui sert du rosé et du monbazillac bien frais, le temps qui s’écoule lentement, le soleil. Tout cela dans le décor d’une superbe bastide du Moyen Age”

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Casanova on communication in love

From the memoirs of Casanova: although I ought to have been well satisfied as far as physical beauty was concerned, my enjoyment was very limited, as the nymphs I wooed only spoke Swiss dialect—a rugged corruption of German. I have always found that love without speech gives little enjoyment, and I cannot imagine a more unsatisfactory mistress than a mute, were she as lovely as Venus herself. I could not agree more.

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client relations | truth in advertising

“Never give the clients what they ask for.” After everyone finished laughing, I’d explain that we’re supposed to be the experts on presentation. Although clients usually don’t know how to light a shot or cut a montage, they are the ultimate experts on what they want to say and on what rubs them the wrong way. So there’s a second half to that mantra: “Always give the clients what they want.” Inevitably, what they want is excellence, even if they don’t know how to ask for it.

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yagutilov on line

for afficiandoes of short film, my friend and sometimes cameraman richard yagutilov has just put up his own site,, where you can see some of his short films. particularly interesting are numb and balls out. once you watch numb, public transportation will never be the same. closet iPodphobes mustn’t miss the chance to see their darkest fantasies realised. balls out is a little harder to explain. some guy wants to neuter his poodle. the poodle doesn’t want to be neutered. enough that he starts to talk. or rather starts to rap. after much singing back and forth, master and…

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