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oDesk review

Just discovered a great new service, oDesk. It’s pretty technical/business so I’ve posted it to the foliovision website.


Turn Flash Off in OS X: NoScript for Firefox and SafariBlock for Safari

One of the banes of the modern web are Flash advertisements. They are popping up all over the place, from the New York Times to our beloved I have nothing against advertising but I don’t like anything which makes it impossible to read or difficult to work on one’s computer.

I’ve been searching for a way to easily turn flash off yet keep my computer stable. With the amount of Flash video turning up on the web, I am not as tempted as I used to be to just rip the Flash code right out of my plugin folder.

In any case, for work reasons, I have to keep Flash around just to see what other people are doing with their sites.

Until two weeks ago, I still hadn’t found anything lightweight to kill Flash in either Safari or Firefox, my two primary browsers. But good things come in twos. There are two great plugins to kill Flash, one for Firefox and one for Safari.

Amazingly enough, neither have destabilised my browser.

Minus the flashing lights and used car salesman in the side bars, I might even start liking the web again.


Le Monde moves to WordPress

In fact, I was surprised to see them on Typepad in the first place…. Their several thousand blogs are now powered by WordPress (they used to be on TypePad).

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iSync with Multiple Telephones – Mastering Apple’s Address Book

After three months with two telephones and two weeks with three telephones, I couldn’t take it any more. My Apple Address Book was a mess. Lots of numbers without names. Lots of names which didn’t make any sense to me. Some names on one phone but not another.

I have clients and a circle of friends and colleagues in five countries – five locations – so the disorganisation was getting to be very confusing.

Steps to clean up:

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Ageism in Slovakia: Recruitment

In the best case some horrible CMS with some very basic graphics slapped on top of its out of the box layout.One older candidate who I interviewed turned out to be a catastrophe with made up stories of employment and perennial conflicts with his boss. A slightly older candidate whom we took on a short trial didn’t turn out well either: competent but very inflexible in her way of doing things with no inclination to learn new things.In the social scene, I’ve noticed similar traits as well in the different age groups.


Styling Images in WordPress

In fact, they’ll receive the same styling as any image that receives the right class, meaning that the image will be right-aligned with a frame…. You don’t even have to go out of your way to be fancy with Cutline, and that’s how we like it.Update: As of September 28th, 2006, Cutline has been revised so that unstyled images no longer receive default styling.

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