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Out of in the Nick of Time – eNom are crooks too

My main registrar for five years was

I’ve had trouble renewing domains with them over the last year. It would take me four to six support tickets to get a single domain renewed at times. Sometimes, I would be charged two to four times for a single renewal. Finally in early January, the inconvenience and risk culiminated in taking all my domains and fleeing to

It looks like I got out just in time:

While the two 50% shareholders fight for control, the company’s hundreds of thousands of customers are getting angrier and angrier. In a normal situation they would be leaving the company in droves. The only problem is their domain names are locked up, and their authorization codes are being withheld preventing transfers to alternative registrars. Domain names reaching their expiry date are simply being lost. With many of these involving Web sites a large number of customers are losing complete businesses or at the very least, important business tools. Compounding the problem is that many of RegisterFly’s customers are managing domains and Web sites on behalf of others.

What’s worse is that it appears enom was actively participating in attempts to destabilise and to steal customers’ domains: who was the reseller for and enom was actually the registrar, must stop selling the names in dispute. There is fraud here. It it is just taking money for renewals and not sending it on to Enom for registration but showing customers it was renewed. Enom must have know the problems but keep selling domain names thru their auction. One of mine is for sale right now for $5,000.00 by company who bought it from I predict that, and icann will be in court for many years along with all of us.

A bit hypocritical of eNom as they sent a mealy-mouthed pitch to help customers to save their domains in January, by switching to them but at $20 or $30/domain instead of the $7 to $10 RegisterFly normally charges:

Subject: Notice regarding your RegisterFly account Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2007 15:35:47 -0800 MIME-Version: 1.0 X-OriginalArrivalTime: 06 Feb 2007 23:35

Dear Domain Holder:

This is a formal notice to owners of domains which have been registered through eNom via its reseller,


Although you purchased your name at RegisterFly, eNom is the actual registrar of record for your domains. As we are severing our relationship with RegisterFly, we are aware that this may have an impact on you as the domain owner. Therefore we would like to offer this opportunity to assist you in securing control of your domain name directly with eNom.

Over the last year, eNom has become aware of an increasing number of complaints from dissatisfied RegisterFly customers.

As an eNom reseller, RegisterFly is contractually bound to adhere to certain standards of customer service in a speedy and diligent manner. Therefore, effective immediately, we have terminated RegisterFly as a reseller of domain names through eNom.

Hyenas all of them.

Dynadot has just started offering bulk pricing to those who qualify ($500 spend or more per year). So the last reason to consider any of these other Registrars is gone.

The best registrar in the world just got better.

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