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What does China’s Silk Road really offer Central Asia and Europe?

Over at MoonofAlabama, b (would-be heir to billmon, probably the best socio-political blogger to ever put finger to keyboard) recently penned an engaging editorial, "The West is Past". The headline is creative hyperbole but does make the solid point that the USA and Britain by driving Russia and China together have created for themselves a difficult situation which could result in losing Europe. Not soon as it appears that either the funds to bribe Euro politicians are bottomless or that our politicians are very inexpensive wholesale by the bushel.

What surprised me was not b’s editorial but the reaction of veteran MoonofAlabama commenters. It appears they are died in the wool anarchists. A main thrust of comments on this article ostensibly about the infighting and decadence of the G7 was to cast stones at the Silk Road.

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How Long would the American Navy Survive in a Shooting War in 2018

The economic writing on the wall is writ large now. The USA is no longer solvent. Sure, there is cash flow but the trends are so negative that only a world war and an economic reset (reneging on their debts to China and Saudi Arabia to start and the rest of the world to finish, with perhaps an exception for the UK and Israel) will give them a hope of meeting any obligations.

The decision to go down this path was made when the election of 2000 was rigged in G.W. Bush’s favour and the PNAC (Project for the New American Century) warmongers came into power, such as Dick Cheney and John Bolton. While Bill Clinton is a bad who married an evil woman, he has largely lived on his charm. His United States (not his wife’s) was predicated on expanding trade and making friends. While a lot of Clinton’s *bonhomerie* was empty glad-handing and PR, during his stay in power the deficit radically shrank. The USA had a chance of turning its budget and financial situation around on people *wanting to do business* with the USA and doing so of their own free will.

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