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bush najaf press conference | citizens, democracy and war crime

americans, this is the beginning of the end. if what is planned goes ahead at najaf, your common soldier is no longer doing a job, he’s a war criminal. and all of you who support bush – or don’t fight his government tooth and nail – collaborate in the crime. in a democracy, citizens must bear responsibility for their government.

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what is it really like in fallujah?

And the satellite news says the cease-fire is holding and George Bush says to the troops on Easter Sunday that, “I know what we’re doing in Iraq is right.” Shooting unarmed men in the back outside their family home is right? Shooting grandmothers with white flags is right? Shooting at women and children who are fleeing their homes is right? Firing at ambulances is right?

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john kerry assassination

since yesterday’s speech in new north side baptist church his life is in grave danger, both before and after the upcoming presidential election.

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videogames and violence | sex, promiscuity and idle talk

there is a new documentary film making the rounds in sweden called “deadly game”. it suggests that playing video games makes children fat and violent. some argue that there is insufficient scientific evidence to prove this. like large doses of the more violent shows on american television, certainly it would seem to be the case. america does have the most violent society among the western nations (often the murder rate is cited as 10 to 1 with most european nations and the US population is the largest consumer of both their own tv shows and video games), so real life…

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dangers of a federal europe

corinne gobin takes on the hidden menace of the federal europe. effectively the creation of a greater europe takes the power a long way away from the individual elector and individual country or canton or landkreis. a great deal more power moves into the hands of central bankers and almost faceless bureaucrats…. the average european citizen and worker is far more on guard for his or her rights than an american is. these are populations which have toppled numerous corrupt regimes and carried whole elites to the guillotine. i have always leaned far against revolutionary tendencies in favour of art and beauty, much of which torn to shreds at the first sign of revolution. much to regret in both the french and bolshevik revolutions. but if desempowerment and enslavement is what the hidden capitalist hand seeks in europe, revolution is surely what they will get. and in short order.

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