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Internet Marketing No BS Checklist

If you go to a live presentation of some sort, you can see, in-person, the other customers of the guru in question. B.S. artist gurus have audiences that look sleazy, unkempt, the bottom of the socio-economic barrel.

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Slap on the wrist for White Collar Criminals

While there are people doing life sentences (three strikes and you’re out) for stealing hubcaps in California, one of the five core figures in business crimes which shook the American economy gets six years of minimum security…. ABC News Online: Ex-Enron exec sentenced to six years’ jailAndrew Fastow, who helped engineer the financial trickery that sank Enron Corp and then helped convict his former bosses in the scandal, had four years knocked off the plea deal he made, receiving a six-year sentence instead.US District Judge Ken Hoyt said the 44-year-old former Enron chief financial officer had given “exceptional” assistance to prosecutors, had pledged to help victims and had shown remorse, and his wife had gone to prison for a year.Fastow, who oversaw Enron’s finances during the giant energy trader’s spectacular rise and fall, pleaded guilty to fraud and conspiracy in 2004, agreeing to a 10-year sentence and pledging to help prosecutors.His testimony helped convict former chairman Kenneth Lay and former CEO Jeffrey Skilling.His voice breaking in an anguished statement before hearing his sentence, he expressed his shame, pledged to work for redemption and apologised to the victims of the Enron fraud and to his friends and family.”I failed them,” he said.The judge rejected a request from lawyers for Enron victims that Fastow be allowed to delay his surrender until October 23, which they said would make it easier for him to give a deposition that could facilitate billions more in recoveries from Enron’s banks.The judge ordered him into custody immediately.Judge Hoyt imposed no fine and recommended a minimum-security prison for Fastow.Enron’s crash caused investors to lose billions and cost thousands of employees their jobs and retirement savings.

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Web 2.0 Spam: Advanced Content Recycling | Manipulating Digg

Silicon Cloud » 12 Ways to Irritate Your Visitors: 7) Unnecessary Questions – Ensure that the subscription form to your ezine or newsletter spam contains at least 36 questions more than needed…. By adding other pointless questions such as age, sex, hobbies, religion and inside leg measurement is a sure-fire way to prevent people ordering your product or subscribing to your mailing list.


Web 2.0 Definition

Some smartasses in search of investors have invented a new term: Web 2.0.

Basically that means using Javascript in advanced way to improve the functionality of individual websites. Or in simpler terms, improve your website.

The nasty chaps over at The Register in the UK have had enough of pompous manifestos and declarations about Web 2.0 and decided to run a contest for definitions of Web 2.0 among their readership.


Google sitemap software

In the last two weeks, Google has just gone through a very elaborate update which has seen some of my clients’ sites drop dramatically and others rise to the top of some very difficult categories.

This turmoil has focused my attention very clearly on Google and things which might help with Google ranking and indexing. One of those is Google Sitemaps.


The web’s best reference encyclopedia – Wikipedia

The fact that someone is a judge, for example, is a social fact — the authority that attaches to judgeship is attached by everyone agreeing that a certain person has the right to make certain statements — “Court is adjourned”, “I sentence you to 5 years in prison” — that have real force in the world. Those statements are not magic; their force comes from the social apparatus backing them up.Ebay has become trustworthy over time because the social fact of its trustworthiness grew with the number of successful transactions and with its ability to find and rectify bad actors.

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What ails France | Sony VAIO story

France is not doing very well these days. Prices have rocketed sky-high despite wages staying more or less in the same place. One of the problems is the 35 hour work week. On my trip to Basque country I rode the train with a woman who works in a large Belgian bank as upper middle management. She can’t get her whole staff together for a meeting anymore as there is always someone who is not at work. The 35 hours week legislation even allows workers to set their own hours! Frankly, thirty-five hours is not enough time to do a full-time job, especially on the clock. Between arriving and leaving and lunching and coffee, there isn’t much time left to work.

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