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Internet Marketing No BS Checklist

John T. Reed maintains a fabulous list of the real estate gurus out there operating. I say operating as few of the teach anything of substance. Some of the worst include and best-known include: Ron LeGrand, Robert Kiyosaki, Russ Whitney and Carleton Sheets.

While most of John T. Reed’s site is specifically related to real estate, the no BS checklist could apply to almost any business involving high-priced training and gurus. I’m thinking specifically of internet marketing.

Here’s just a single goodie – # 37:

37. Riff raff in audience. If you go to a live presentation of some sort, you can see, in-person, the other customers of the guru in question. B.S. artist gurus have audiences that look sleazy, unkempt, the bottom of the socio-economic barrel. The better the audience looks, the better the quality of the guru’s information as a general rule. Think of it this way. Look around the room and ask yourself, “Are these people who I want to be like when I grow up?” If not, leave.

Fantastic advice. Not universally true but almost so.

Thinking of doing business? Get thee hence and memorise this No BS list.

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