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Clement Crisp goes mad over dancers feet

I would suggest that passion and / Arts & Weekend – Confessions of a leg man:Agnes de Mille, in her memoirs, Portrait Gallery, spoke of Markova’s feet and her ballet shoes lined with lambs wool: “Markova’s feet were flawless – white, supple, unmarked. Most dancers’ feet look like the ace of clubs, gnarled, jointed, skinned, bruised and blackened, with horny nails, and rubbings and scars.”At the age of 90, Markova’s feet were still beautiful, still tiny (size two) and still strong.


Jan Fabre and Lisbeth Gruwez: Quand l’uomo principale è una Donna

To me the show seemed like straight provocation, exploitation of Lisbeth Gruwez and the audience, taking us to another level of dance – back to its earliest origins in earthy sexuality…. Not to have seen the show – for if you are not offended by the naked and sexual female human body, you will rarely see a more pure display – but that at the end of the path, Fabre leads us holding nothing but those wild impressions.

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Labyrinth | Saskia Hölbling and Katia Plaschka at the Semper Depot

A darkened section of Vienna. Just off the ring but nothing but blackness and the massive wood and iron doors of old warehouses. A voice rises tormented and beautiful into the night. A futuristic baroque. It must be here.

You push the heavy wood door, peer inside. An almost black space. People wander randomly in the distance. It doesn’t look like a dance show at all. You enter and pass a small table where you give your credentials.

The voice sings insistently, beautifully fragmented.


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