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What are Carbon Credits? Who benefits?

In “Climate Change” is a $100 Trillion Wealth Transfer from the Poor to the Rich, Elizabeth Nickson lays out clearly what has been behind all this noise about carbon credits for years:

At the same time, in our vast swaths of upland forests, the UN organization Transitions is slowly accreting that land. For who? We don’t really know. Transitions is everywhere, in the US, in Canada, in every country in Europe.  It is where you live. It is one of the many prongs of Agenda 2030. Everywhere, it invades local governments and acts to suppress economic activity.

Transitions also trades carbon credits. For who? Who do you think?

Therefore Transitions, which has a rainbow-colored smiley PR face, is in that business. Buying land to transfer it to international organizations and mega-rich families so they can make money on our forests. But not us. We can’t.  We can’t even thin them to prevent catastrophic forest fire.

Those contracts must be interesting, not that anyone can see them. The first thing they do is act as whacking big first-time tax deductions. The second thing they do is act as an annual tax deduction because those trees are eating CO2. Very clever. International interests buy our land (and yours) and use it to not pay taxes. While banking some of the most valuable assets on the planet.

In the 1990’s, a Russian Prime Minister under Boris Yeltsin, the very greedy Yegor Gaidar, together with his Komsomol friends, created a program called the Voucher Program. Each Russian, young and old, was given a ten unit voucher (roughly the equivalent of a $100, though only tradable for cash at about $10). These vouchers as single vouchers were completely useless. But packaged together by the thousand, allowed the owners to trade them for valuable state enterprises. This included not just factories, but mining concessions and oil companies.

Vouchers made a parasite and predatory class rich in Russia, and disinherited the people. That is until Vladimir Putin showed up and re-nationalised a fair number of these concessions, and/or demanded back taxes from the voucher carpetbaggers, now known as oligarchs.

Basically carbon credits are the same vouchers, with which a globalist financial class attempted to expropriate Russia. Except now these carbon credits are being used to bankrupt small farmers and small companies in favour of those who can afford to buy vouchers en masse.

All of Nickson’s original essay is worth reading. Nickson is a veteran MSM star journalist, with stints at Time, the Guardian, The Financial Times as well as the former European Editor for Life Magazine. She is an old-school investigative reporter who knows the system from the inside.

First they came for the third-world, then they came for the farmers, then they came for the businesses, then they came for your car, finally they came for your house. You can’t say you haven’t been warned.

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