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An Alternate History of the United States

In the comments to another imperialist shill article from VHD, BigOak16 offers an alternate history of the United States:

Understanding the Imperialist Aggressor

Continental America was stolen from the Indians in a massacre, built on slavery of the Africans, enjoyed a brief dalliance with freedom after the bloody war of independence, before instituting the Federal Reserve, splitting the atom, dropping the bomb on the Japanese and enslaving the world in peonage with a pyramid scheme of created debts that makes robber barron Appalachian mining scrip look virtuous and sound.

Whether it’s due to unresolved guilt or a deep-seated loss, violence and exploitation, corruption and enslavement lie at the heart of America’s DNA. Run by the most ruthless and despicable individuals with no respect for truth or justice they debase, dilute and defile all that is good and honest, spreading their moral corruption around the globe with no respect for human life.

America’s polite society is based on deception and self-delusion, usury, debasement and market rigging, under paying and over charging, theft, fraud and bondage, they trade in the future for promissory notes, leaving the children with the bill. The truth is guarded by a Disneyland of lies, a disinformation campaign that’s robbed Americans of their dignity.

The pockets of good scattered around the countryside are rounded upon and scorned by a plastic, narcissistic culture in a shallow society plastered with a fake civility. They trade in promises but tomorrow never comes until the truth finally catches up with them. America’s a charlatan dealing in counterfeit goods, a front for modern slavery.

To save our local culture, first we must stop globalist mono-culture.

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