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Year: 2011

Date Rape and Vegetarianism: Writings of Lisa Brennan-Jobs

Steve Jobs was given a strange family life. Given up for adoption himself, his biological parents had another go at it and a sister was born Jobs had a sister he met only as an adult, Mona Simpson.

In his own life, Jobs had a daughter born out of wedlock with artist Chrisann Brennan. For some reason Jobs rejected Lisa Brennan for a few years before finally naming a computer after her.


LSE Chairman Chris Gibson-Smith: Occupy target should be politicians and not brokers, Oh the hypocrisy

LSE Chairman Chris Gibson Smith knew the score going in: this statement on opportunities dates from 2009 The London Stock Exchange does not appreciate being…

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Jochen Ulrich’s Michelangelo: a masterwork of music and creation

Jochen Ulrich Michelangelo cast Linz
Jochen Ulrich Michelangelo ensemble cast in Landestheater Linz

The stage juts out into the audience, as the curtains open we see a tableau vivant of a sculpting studio in motion. The orchestra fills the deep back of the theatre. It’s almost like Shakespeare’s in the round Globe. This is the first of several successful staging decisions of the evening. With the orchestra pit closed and the orchestra at the back of the hall, LandesTheatre Linz becomes a magnificent concert hall.

Once again Jochen Ulrich has led a new ballet with the music. Here he chose Arvo Pärt’s Collage” über Bach”, “Cantus in memory of Benjamin Britten” and “Spiegel in Spiegel” and finally Pärt’s “Lamentate for Piano and Orchestra”. From Britten we have the Requiem. Despite the two nominally very different composers, sonically the evening holds together perfectly. It a complete and powerful ballet score.

Fortunately, both subject and dance are up to the music this time round. In Michelangelo, across the centuries Ulrich has found une âme soeur. Like Michelangelo, Ulrich has lived an often lonely and tempestuous life of creation. Ulrich does not sculpt with stone but with live bodies.

Michelangelo’s problems are Ulrich’s very own. The personal relationship to his subject stirs Ulrich’s deepest powers.

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