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Perpective Shock

Rainy day in Vienna. Very subdued world. Muted greys.

Wandered out to do some grocery shopping. While comparing prices in the supermarket, I was thinking about code.

Why I thought am I occupied with these questions? I’d rather be thinking about poetry, planning a new dance film, visualising a new series of photography.

And it dawned on me.

The websites which are in my charge are responsible for millions of dollars of business a year directly accountable to my efforts (direct web business) and for tens of millions of dollars of business generally (referred to website).

I don’t want to give the comparative figures for dance film, but let’s just say the numbers are just not in the same category.

Time to push the accelerator down on the web side of the equation. There are millions at stake. I ought to and will take a more pro-active role in my clients businesses to help them monetise the online side of their business.

It might be a while before the next dance film.

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