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sweden leads the way out of the american morass

the americans are in need of democracy aid from the rest of the world, say two young swedes. i’m not certain whether charity towards the americans is in order, but if a little bit of money might bring about regime change in washington… better than bombs.

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truth and fiction | writing for the web

Writing situated within the context of a personal website does not need to be as high in quality as writing that has to stand without this “support.” A piece of fiction is good if these things are irrelevant: (1) when and where it was written; (2) whether ruminations from

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not alone in my frustration

the worst thing about doing web development is one can never seem to leave the computer.some blame it on lousy websites with poor design and slow technology (try buying an airplane ticket online). but i think it’s more the plight of the cyberdamned. i.e. webdevelopers. if you’re not working, you’re reading. if you’re not reading, you’re banking. i have started buying books again, just to have the occasion to read something that isn’t on the screen. the more we try to do online, the more entrapped we become. umberto eco shared some interesting thoughts about technology and reading recently with…

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