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Anthropogenic Climate Change Denial: Lobbyists and Libertarians

At Moon of Alabama, B unleashed the gates of hell in a recent post taking on climate change: Trump Administration Acknowledges Climate Change – Predicts Large Rise In Global Temperatures. His essay was fairly innocuous musings on humankind’s carbon footprint.

Strangely the start of the comment section looked like an attack of the Catholic church on heretics in sixteenth century Spain. Most of these writers made claims that since we weren’t all dead yet, all talk of carbon footprint or climate change or anthropogenic damage to the ecosphere are nonsense. For instance hopehelly @46 wrote:

I remember when they said acid rain will kill all forests. And the ozone holes will make us all sunburned and riddled with skin cancer. They do not talk much about acid rain and ozone holes nowadays – are those issues fixed?

A few comments later @72, the commenter oldhippie noted skin cancer is way, way up. When we were children (I’m in early fifties) it was still relatively safe to play in the sun for hours even without sunscreen. These days we keep our children out of the sun almost completely and slather sunscreen on the few exposed parts.

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Letter to a friend about the environment, leadership

The funny thing about those people favouring fracking and who don’t care about the plastic pollution in the oceans or the disappearing potable water is that the environment affects us all. More and more people die from cancer from our toxic environment and food. If we don’t wake up as a species, we will literally destroy our own habitat. There will be very little worth fighting over.

And none of it has to be this way if we were to reshape capitalism to make preservation and improvement of the environment our highest goal. Nothing to prevent us making health care and education a secondary priority. Particularly the second is very environmentally friendly. Young people reading books and improving their minds has very little carbon effect.

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