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Google Profiling Technology |

Google Profiling Technology | And no I wouldn’t want to be giving my profile out to Google or any other corporation…. * what we search for * what sites we own/manage (AdWords, Analytics) * at least part of our financial records (AdWords/AdSense) * our weblogs (for those using blogger) * what videos we watch (YouTube) Add personality profiling to this – and you’ve just entered the Matrix.

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Reality call to What’s with the puff piece on Future Media Architects?

I’ve been doing some domain research lately for One of the great sources of information for the domain industry is an online publication called DNJournal which does a weekly roundup of the top domains sales.

Very useful information. DNJournal also publish a number of interviews with top domainers (people whose primary economic activity is buying and selling domain names).

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SeoBook – Aaron Wall’s PDF woes properly formatting an eBook

I have a few projects to turn into special reports or even books. I want these documents:

  • to look good
  • to include clickable links which work in both Acrobat and Mac OS X preview
  • to be navigatable from the table of contents and/or index

The only PDF I’ve ever owned which got all of these things right (apart from a couple of manuals from Apple for high end programs like Final Cut Pro – if Apple couldn’t get it right for a $1000 application there’d be no hope) – is Aaron Wall’s SeoBook.

SEOBook is the best selling and best book on SEO. What’s great about SEOBook is that is based on real world experience and Aaron has no particular axe to grind in favour of any single SEO technique. A lot of the other books about SEO are written by either programmers or people selling SEO software or link building networks.

The other good thing about SEOBook are the attractive green graphics and professional appearance of the document.

Not only does Aaron’s SEOBook look great bit it is fully navigable. Aaron has added a great index as well. SeoBook is basically the ideal PDF book.

So I turned to Aaron to get instruction on how to easily create such a great PDF document, by doing a search on his weblog at

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Turn Flash Off in OS X: NoScript for Firefox and SafariBlock for Safari

One of the banes of the modern web are Flash advertisements. They are popping up all over the place, from the New York Times to our beloved I have nothing against advertising but I don’t like anything which makes it impossible to read or difficult to work on one’s computer.

I’ve been searching for a way to easily turn flash off yet keep my computer stable. With the amount of Flash video turning up on the web, I am not as tempted as I used to be to just rip the Flash code right out of my plugin folder.

In any case, for work reasons, I have to keep Flash around just to see what other people are doing with their sites.

Until two weeks ago, I still hadn’t found anything lightweight to kill Flash in either Safari or Firefox, my two primary browsers. But good things come in twos. There are two great plugins to kill Flash, one for Firefox and one for Safari.

Amazingly enough, neither have destabilised my browser.

Minus the flashing lights and used car salesman in the side bars, I might even start liking the web again.


Styling Images in WordPress

In fact, they’ll receive the same styling as any image that receives the right class, meaning that the image will be right-aligned with a frame…. You don’t even have to go out of your way to be fancy with Cutline, and that’s how we like it.Update: As of September 28th, 2006, Cutline has been revised so that unstyled images no longer receive default styling.

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Web 2.0 Spam: Advanced Content Recycling | Manipulating Digg

Silicon Cloud » 12 Ways to Irritate Your Visitors: 7) Unnecessary Questions – Ensure that the subscription form to your ezine or newsletter spam contains at least 36 questions more than needed…. By adding other pointless questions such as age, sex, hobbies, religion and inside leg measurement is a sure-fire way to prevent people ordering your product or subscribing to your mailing list.


SEO: WebCEO review

Introduction: WebCEO

review updated 1 June 2007 to cover current services and software status!

This is a comprehensive review of the full version of WebCEO 5.6, a.k.a. the Professional edition. There are two other versions of WebCEO, a Small Business edition and a Free Edition. The distinctions between different WebCEO versions can be found on this page. Basically, the Free Version can’t do much while the Small Business and Professional Edition are almost indistinguishable. The Professional Edition makes creating self-branded reports easier and spiders the anchor text from backlinks.