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Google Profiling Technology |

Google Profiling Technology | And no I wouldn’t want to be giving my profile out to Google or any other corporation…. * what we search for * what sites we own/manage (AdWords, Analytics) * at least part of our financial records (AdWords/AdSense) * our weblogs (for those using blogger) * what videos we watch (YouTube) Add personality profiling to this – and you’ve just entered the Matrix.

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SeoBook – Aaron Wall’s PDF woes properly formatting an eBook

I want these documents: to look good and Aaron Wall’s SEO | Proprietary Formats = Garbage:Your SEOBook is the best formatted and indexed ebook I’ve ever bought. I thought I would have a look at how you did it by searching the archives.I’m dismayed to learn that you had to put 50 hours in to get it working right.

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Styling Images in WordPress

In fact, they’ll receive the same styling as any image that receives the right class, meaning that the image will be right-aligned with a frame…. You don’t even have to go out of your way to be fancy with Cutline, and that’s how we like it.Update: As of September 28th, 2006, Cutline has been revised so that unstyled images no longer receive default styling.

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Web 2.0 Spam: Advanced Content Recycling | Manipulating Digg

Silicon Cloud » 12 Ways to Irritate Your Visitors: 7) Unnecessary Questions – Ensure that the subscription form to your ezine or newsletter spam contains at least 36 questions more than needed…. By adding other pointless questions such as age, sex, hobbies, religion and inside leg measurement is a sure-fire way to prevent people ordering your product or subscribing to your mailing list.