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in fairy tales

there was girl named for a star fair and small, she grew and twinkled always like a jewel: saphires, rubies and diamonds most of all she loved . astrid sparkled in the morning and at night. her mother loved her and took care that nothing hurt fair astrid for she was lovely and unique, a mind full of words and books a fairy tale princess who lived in a tower, the miller’s daughter, cinderella, all the roles of the world lived in her heart. she grew and grew and finally had to leave for the city to study all by…

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vienna can be very dark in winter so one seeks the sun. one of the best places to find it is the hofberg square beside the national library and across from the art galleries. so there i went with philip larkin’s high windows in hand. and was surprised at the strength of his language. i read his poetry at trinity college. my gay professor’s reedy voice did not do larkin justice. he describes a late night dinner in an english coutnry inn: The wine heats temper and complexion: Oath-enforced assertions fly On rheumy fevers, resurrection, Regicide and rabbit pie. he…

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