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Claude Lelouche “Le Courage d’Aimer”

For a long time, I’ve been mildly contemptuous of Claude Lelouche’s films. Eminently français, these tired tales of bourgeois hypocrisy and venality, had lost all optimism, all beauty.

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Music Rights, Grand Rights and Music Publishers: IMZ primer for Dance and Opera Arts Producers

The following is a partial transcript of the IMZ Workshop on Grand Rights at the Golden Prague International Television Festival on 9 May 2005. It is largely of interest to dance and opera arts television production producers.

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Question and Answer – Claire Denis L’Intrus – or how not to run a Q & A

L’Intrus (The Outsider) is a relatively long film at just over two hours.Claire Denis came in and gave a lovely introduction to the film, telling us about how she had carte blanche after Beau Travail from Arte Television and decided to take full advantage of it to make a visual poem she had been working on for four years. That film was L’Intrus.

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Self-censorship: the inner voice and the artist in society

and if you don’t put these innermost thoughts on the screen then you are looking down on not only your audience but the people you work with, and that’s what makes so many people working out there unhappy…. so many people have so much to say and there are so many really worthwhile things to say that it seems impossible that we could cut ourselves off from this whole avenue of enormous excitement.”

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Google assumes no responsibility for any pet: growling, barking, chasing, or biting

Aggressive behavior, such as growling, barking, chasing, or biting, is unacceptable….Employees are financially responsible for any damage or cleaning to Google facilities…. Owners must maintain adequate liability insurance against dog mishaps. Google assumes no responsibility for any pet. Following these guidelines mentioned above should allow dog owners to enjoy the company of their pets while allowing all Google employees to feel safe and secure in their work place.

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