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Drag Queen Story Hour

Some people thinks it’s close-minded of me to reject Drag Queen Story hour. Let’s take a closer look at what it is. LibsOfTikTok posted a short clip of an organised school Drag Queen event in North Carolina College.


Here’s some thought-provoking comments from ZeroHedge on the story.

Misesmissesme notes:

We just want to be allowed to get married. That’s where it will end. We swear.

Halcyon1987 strays further down the rabbit hole:


Next comes the Z and the P (zoophilia and you know what for the P…). I sincerely hope it does not get to that point but after that comes the N  (necrophilia).

Dude give it 10 years and you will have trans weirdo zoomers banging dead baby giraffes (P + Z + N) on only fans for 6 figures a year and the society will be so degraded and de-moralized that they’ll mock you as a “weirdo” and a “prude” if you call out the degeneracy 🤣🤣🤣

Boringuseername observes:

I’m watching from another nation also and it is so weird to see a nation subverted with the good powerless basically to stop a hostile takeover. The Americans revelled in drugs, sex and rock and roll, hedonism of every type, had the attitude “whatever floats your boat” and “As long as they aren’t hurting anyone”…. that one was SO stupid. Not hurting by what measure? They only thought of the physical, never the moral and spiritual and Babylon is where they are at.

jammyjo states:

This is legalized sexual assault of minors. Sexual deviants cannot believe it. They are having the times of their lives in the last two years.

Castor gordo el terco asks:

What would the local police do if a normal, sane looking individual went in there and started grinding their 40 year old man balls on a 16 year old girl wearing nothing but a thong?

Roman Moment recounts:

This shit is out of hand.

I have always had an open mind about homosexuality. Well, that’s not exactly true. Being from a small town in Ohio I didn’t know it existed until I was in my late teens. We just thought some guys were feminine, girly, and preferred staying inside during recess while we played “smear the queer”.

Moved to California in the early 80’s and soon found out the reality. At first I was a little threatened but after working with and being friends with a few guys who turned out to be gay I figured that left more women for me to pursue.

Anyways, when gay marriage came around I bought the “it’s about love and being with the person I love forever” thing.

I should have known better, this shit has gotten out of hand. It was never just about love and marriage, there was ALWAYS a deeper agenda and that chaos is playing itself out in our once fairly ordered society now. I’m not even sure true homosexual men advocate for this fiasco, the guys I knew often ridiculed the petting zoo we see prancing around grade schools these days.

I’m out. Digging in my heels. No more “tolerance” from me. A society without some semblance of morality, lines of order, universal values, or plain modest decorum is no society at all, its Sodom. And Sodom, my friends, is exactly what the United States is today and we should learn a lesson from the Bible (written by a guy who is not necessarily a fan of that book of history).

Roman Moment comes from a similar position as my own. I’ve had a lot of contact with the gay community over the years, both as a friend, as friends of girlfriends, as creative partners on films. No issue. Still, tolerance does not mean allowing gays, transsexuals or anyone else to sexualise children.

It astonishes me that the gay and lesbian community are allowing these extremists to highjack the agenda. Tolerance means respect for others. Not extreme provocation. Coming for our children is not a good step.

My own philosophy is Let the children be children. Breaking this code puts you outside of the law in most of the world and outside of the ethical framework of most cultures.1 The law should be enforced. School employees who organise these sorts of activities should become immediately unemployed (and unemployable).

Photo screenshot from Netflix’s Dancing Queen. The image is illustrative as the main subject video is too low resolution to provide a useable image.

  1. The well-known current exception is the Pashtun tradition of Bacha bazi. Notably the US military was ordered to stand by at Bacha Bazi parties and allow the sexual abuse and not even note it in their field reports. We know about it as it was too much for some commanders, who insisted on speaking out to higher in command and eventually journalists. 

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