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In Greece, they are dancing in the streets

Amazing image from Christos Lamprianidis. Who would have thought in times like this the Greeks would be dancing in the streets?

Christos Lamprianidis Dexim
Christos Lamprianidis – Dexim via 1px

Dance retains the power to make banality go away, to lift us into the air and out of the prose of everyday life. How we’ve forgotten to move and become glued to our desks and computers never ceases to astonish me.

We just need to step out into the world and into our bodies to really live again.

In this photos, the luscious colours grab us. The contrast between the classical physique of the dancer and her modern dress parallels the contrast between the modern cars and the old European city. The shallow depth of field focuses us intensely on the dancer.

I’m not sure that the girl wasn’t shot in a studio with a carefully focused field shot. I’d love to know if this was fully live. One reason I suspect it might not be is that this kind of leap is very dangerous to the dancer on stone or cobbles. Lamprianidis didn’t have many chances if Dexim is indeed live action.


  1. Hallo, I am the photographer of the above photo.I want to make certain that the photo is 100% real. Only some colour improvements and some sharpness. Thanks a lot.

  2. Awesome work Christos. Astonishing moments this are part of what makes life living. Where can people buy a large version or a poster size version?

    Where can we see more of your work?

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