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Bicycles and Bratislava

Bicycles and Bratislava, what could be better? Two of my favorite things.

PARA – Žena from Martina SLOVAKOVA

Things are happening culturally in Bratislava, a lot of the work is just underground.

In the narrow street of the old town in the video (it’s just south of Michalska Brana and the Oesterreichisches Institute is on that street), last weekend I saw two guys catch another guy drag him down and kick him three times in the head. After the victim ran right past me.

They kicked him once but it took me twenty seconds or so to recruit a group of about three other people to help intervene. From our group somebody found some police, who then called backup. The attackers were spoiled boys with rich fathers in black designer suits. The victim had pierced ears, punky hair and had insulted them, his beating was justified they insisted. Everyone was about twenty years old.

Friends of the brats arrived, girls in black mini dresses with long dark hair and lots of makeup. Friends of the punky guy arrives, slightly alternative girls with no makeup and normal guys. Based on my statement, the police started to arrest the privileged kids who were trying to tell everyone they hadn’t done anything. Then the punky guy head butted one of them sending the BCBG (bon chic bon genre) slamming into the police car and bloodying his nose. Handcuffs and a reversal of the situation.

At this point, the spoiled kids were home free.

After lots of talking to the police, we managed to get the punky kid released and everyone went home with no charges. A lot of trouble for nothing.

Lesson: do not headbutt your assailants in front of the police (or attack them in anyway). You will really weaken your case.

I wonder if the spoiled rich kids learnt anything. The two guys seemed really comfortable chasing people down, kicking them in the head and dealing with the police. Let’s hope this isn’t the future.

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