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Springtime in Vienna: Schönbrunn and Wien from the Gloriette

The weather really picked up last week and we had some glorious days. Happily enough my office is very close to Schönbrunn and I can go out there for a nice long walk even on a busy day.

I took the camera one day. Schönbrunn is supposed to be the Austrian Versailles. It doesn’t quite manage that but with its Tiergarten (Zoo), (made famous in the English speaking world by John Irving’s Setting Free the Bears), it quite a park.

I often tell people that Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I get some raised eyebrows. I don’t see why.

This is what I see.

This is also the second round of pictures processed since calibrating my monitors with basiCColor display. Nothing more tedious than a bunch of theory with no practical application. Certainly beats screenshots.

The first round is here.

Click for larger versions of these and some more pictures of Schönbrunn.

Gloriette roof shots

Gloriette View North to the Schönbrunn Palace and then to Kahlenberg
North to the Schönbrunn Palace and then to Kahlenberg
Schönbrunn Gloriette view west to Wienerwald and the Vienna hills
West to Wienerwald and the hills

Schonbrunn-Wien-Gloriette South East view
South-East to the southern suburbs behind Schönbrunn
North-East to the center of Vienna and to the Donau

Gloriette Ground Level

Schonbrunn-Vienna-Wien 1401
Schönbrunn Gloriette café – expensive but splendid
scale of the Schonbrönn Gloriette
The enormous scale of the Schonbrönn Gloriette

A closer look at the Schönbrunn Palace
A closer look at the Schönbrunn Palace from lower Gloriette
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