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Buying RAM online in Europe: Computer Memory from Crucial

I don’t know how many others out there have to deal with the annoyance of trying to buy computer memory in Europe. You get all of these great prices from North America but most of the companies won’t deliver outside North America. Those that do, charge ridiculous delivery fees ($33 and up). If they do send it, you face customs and paperwork on the receiving end.

When you try to shop locally for more obscure memory (as in the SO-DIMMs for an IBM T22), you face really high prices and/or limited availability. Specifically the 256MB stick of memory for my T22 can be had for as little $40 in North America. Vienna prices were about 90 euros if you could find it.

To the rescue Crucial. They have three websites. One for North America, another for the UK and a third one for Europe. My memory for the T22 delivered to my door in one day (not overnight but 36 hours) for 60 euros with lifetime warranty (for the original purchaser only). No customs, no paperwork. It’s easy to find the memory you want, be sure it’s exactly what you need, easy to make the purchase.

A great customer experience. Highly recommended. It’s wonderful when the web actually works – a company which actually gets it.

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  1. I hope you find the same satisfaction from us if you ever need an SSD – our European shipping charges at a set £14.40 – nice website btw!

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