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Goatrance After Party – Das Boot on the Donau


After party on the Donau in Das Boot Saturday 14 May.


The Das Boot After Party was exactly that. An after party. The party started at eight am and went all day and into the night. When I left at 12:30, there was no end in sight.


Lis with Yukon. Yukon was distracted by dogs on the other bank. Unlike landscapes and architecture, dogs (and people) move and in unpredictable ways.


Some dogs seem to have almost human characters. Yukon is one of them. And he has one blue eye with normal whites, the one you see, which looks just like a man’s blue eye. He was happy to get away from the music. What a lot of people who take their dogs out to music events forget, is that while the dogs love the company, the volume of music that people enjoy is much, much louder to dogs. Like the loudest heavy metal concert you’ve ever been to or heard of.


Pascal and Stefan relaxing in the sunset before a full-night of dancing.

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