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Sunset on Donauinsel | Vienna | Photo of the Day

Why do I live in Vienna? This is twenty five minutes from the centre of town. I was swimming here before I snapped the photograph.

It is the Donau, (the Danube) the cleanest major river in the world (apart perhaps from some impossible to get to rivers in the north of Canada which more than likely suffer from mercury poisoning anyway).

vienna   donau insel sunset 1
vienna donau insel sunset

 These Austrians, in German terms, are an idle lot, more interested in sunsets and picnics than work. But damnit, they take care of their country. Green and clean. Perhaps the sanest people on our small earth.

The official report on the Danube is that you can drink the water. I don’t do that and am not about to start, but from inadvertent gulps of the water while swimming, I can testify that raw Donau water tastes better than the tap water in Toronto or Paris.

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