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favorite late night haunt in vienna | best friends

anna p and alec in alt wienstrange how life can turn out. my best friend in vienna is the best friend of my once and future princess (aka, ex-girlfriend). confusing? both of them are called anna. i see anna more than anna. here we are together in my favorite late night hangout in vienna. it’s called alt wien and is one of the few cafés open really late in vienna. closing hours are variable, says anna, depending on the humour of the waiters and ambience, but on this wednesday night we were there until three-thirty in the morning, recounting mutual tales of romantic woe and exploring the psychology or rather the sociopathology of (wo)mankind.

smoking | alt wienanna studies psychology so our talks usually run deep. she is so sad and beautiful. she makes me think of helen of troy.

strange thing with the smoking in vienna. all of these beautiful young women damning themselves to yellow teeth and a hacking cough in their thirties. but in alt wien, the cigarette takes on a twenties kind of glamour.

anna works part time in the skies with austrian airlines. if you are very, very lucky you will run into her some time when you are flying. we often meet the evening of her return to vienna. i will miss her while i’m away.


  1. Hannes Hannes

    Thanks for supplying very nice Vienna-Photos!
    I am Viennese myself, thus I wouldnt get the idea of shooting it like this!
    Remark: Finding your page very accidently, I couldnt figure out:Who are you, who is the brilliant Photographer ???
    with best regards from Austria, Hannes Steinhagen

  2. hello derreck, i tried to contact you at the address you gave ( before i delete your comments. but the email bounced. you can write me directly at

    regards, alec

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