Secret Service and Barrack Obama and The New Deal

April 3rd, 2008 § 1

Found a great weblog today. Infrequent posts (fortunately more frequent than the ones at La Vie Viennoise since I got lost in my business in Slovakia in the last six months) but good ones.

Items you may wish to read:

  • The implosion of the music business beginning strangely with F.D. Roosevelt’s New Deal and Peter Drucker’s management analyss. The article concludes with case studies of Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails and Peter Gabriel discussing in a serious way what might replace it.

    Despite any claims about deceased actors who snoozed through their Alzheimer’s dementia in the White House, the Soviet Union failed because their economy tanked. They went bankrupt in a foolish glut of military spending trying to convince the U.S. that it was a equal or superior military force. Now the U.S. faces a similar situation, in a world without cold war arms racing, the U.S. outspends all the nations of the world combined on it’s military. This is completely unnecessary, a loss of treasure that could be used for the good of all, and directs the nation into needless conflicts that are not “defensive”in nature. Ironically the same mindset that bankrupted the U.S.S.R. is now bankrupting the U.S.A.

  • album cover art through a case study of the Hipgnosis set who created many Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and 10CC covers. The desmise of the LP has lost us an art form.

    Hipgnosis Album Art
  • a review of current and past war propaganda. “Terror” verus “Shock and Awe”.

    Here’s an excerpt:

    When the colonists opposed the British, and dumped tea, it was called a “party”. Sounds like fun. They, who combine to fight back, we call the “axis of evil”. But when we are lucky enough to pull together 3 or 4 countries that still agree with us, we call them “an alliance of the willing.”…

    It is war. People are killed in order to allow one group of rich men to prevail over another less rich group. We don’t fight for honor, though the men who fight have the best intentions because they don’t know any better. They follow the bouncing ball and sing the song, ooh rah, and people die while my finances, peace of mind and safety quickly fade.


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