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Peter Hegre – Spammer

If you were thinking about registering for, think twice.

I use distinct throwaway emails for almost every site that I sign up for and since I registered at my junk mailbox has been overflowing with the most vile pornographic spam.

It’s a pity as there are a bunch of talented people showing their photographs in the users section.

The photo below from Andrew Bermondsey is gorgeous. He captures the essence of Paris in a single shot. Not only is the composition lighting and girl fabulous – the full size image is full of detail and texture.

La femme à la fênetre – Andrew Bermondsey
from the user posted images in the forum

In the end, Peter Hegre and his crew are spammers – despite all the pretty covers.

It looks like a fish, swims like a fish, it is a fish.

Other spammers caught using the same method recently include ICS – Integrated Color Solutions at They’ve had me in their database for several years so how and when somebody stole or sold their database to spammers is an open question.

The flood of spam on that address is relatively recent.

I am more vexed about New Nude Magazine, as it is a recent registration – there is motive and intent here.

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  1. Mr. G Mr. G

    This pic is an excellent example of erotic art…even if that was not it’s intention.

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