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Month: December 2005

Noam Chomsky – False Prophets

ZNet |Iraq | On the Iraq Election: Even the free trade agreements, so-called, are highly protectionists, the extra-ordinary intellectual property rights go way beyond anything existed in the past those are purely protectionist…. If the currently rich countries had ever been faced with such rules, the US would now be exporting fish and fur.

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Military Strategy and Life

As we wind down to the end of 2005 and to the beginning of 2006, there is a lot to reflect on. What brought down the Third Reich were too many fronts open at the same time. Basically I am suffering from the same malaise which brought down the Third Reich.

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Modern Life and Email

Enough to slow one down and prevent the taking of vigorous exercise, but not enough to lay one down flat in bed. But in line with general technological fatigue, I stopped checking email for all of three days.

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Cost of War – Obligatory Reading of War Accounts

Sitting in our Western societies with our cafés and police and cars, it is hard to imagine what it is like to be really oppressed. One paragraph from Janina Sulkowska-Gladun’s Memoirs really knocke It’s so true that a well-fed person cannot understand the starving one.

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Katyn Forest – Lot of the Poles

The other day I was wondering about the mechanisms of mass murder, particularly of soldiers. Why and how is it that men can be made to dig their own graves or why it is they would go along with their own destruction?