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Year: 2004

Une farouche beauté: Jewish collective suicide, round ??

Invited and welcomed into Portugal, Spain, England and Russia through the ages, the Jews failed to take advantage of the opportunity to integrate into their new societies and work for the national benefit…. Most recently in Russia, after the Oligarchs grabbed the national assets of Russia for a song, as a group Jews find themselves ostracised and condemned and their wealth confiscated.


Sparrow Nights | David Gilmour | Book Review

But if you looked longer you noticed her slightly stooped posture, a button missing from her shirt cuff, here red sweater pulled up at the back; she was a woman who could leave a wet towel on a bed, so to speak…. It struck me that my time with Emma had been a kind of gorgeous treading water but that her absence (follow me here) provided, in itself, a kind of happiness because it gave me a precise object of desire, without actually giving me the thing itself, the ultimate possession of which could only diminish the pleasure that came from wanting it so unequivocally.

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Clearstream – the official unofficial money launderers for corporations and tax evaders

Shadow system to secretly move trillions of dollars—a system that can be exploited by tax evaders, drug runners and even terrorists.: Clearstream has a double system of accounting, with secret, non-published accounts that banks and big corporations use to make transfers they don’t want listed on the official books…. Clearstream carried an account for a notoriously criminal Russian bank for several years after the bank had officially “collapsed,” and clearinghouse accounts camouflaged the destinations of transfers to Colombian banks.

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women from german speaking lands: ordnung und sauber nicht fellatio

but as a rule one would find houses in german speaking lands significantly cleaner with better bathrooms, while one would find the general level of culinary expertise significantly higher than in exchange for their ability to keep a household in fine order, women from the german speaking lands do expect the man to participate in the general cleaning, even if the woman is ultimately responsible for the overall standard…. they would like to see him keep his own belongings in good order.moreover, they cannot abide (although they have to put up with it, at least in austria, where according to at least four or five women i have spoken to the men have trouble keeping their loins clean, partially because of their generally uncircumcised state – but not only; for this reason austrian women are very negative about oral sex, at least the performing of it, as past experience has taught them to expect a very unpleasant experience in taste and odour; once convinced of the cleanliness of the man their enthusiasm climbs substantially, and many even acquire a taste for fellatio) dirtiness in a man’s person.

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Self-censorship: the inner voice and the artist in society

and if you don’t put these innermost thoughts on the screen then you are looking down on not only your audience but the people you work with, and that’s what makes so many people working out there unhappy…. so many people have so much to say and there are so many really worthwhile things to say that it seems impossible that we could cut ourselves off from this whole avenue of enormous excitement.”

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